Recently, the "Hut of Owls" welcomes you in an arboreal universe. Two huts perched in the trees

waiting for you.

One of our shacks is directly inspired by the famous "carbet" of overseas, a typical structure

contains hammocks and play with the oaks, a very natural decor with French Guyana spirit.

The second shack is fitted as nest and attracts you in a big bed guarded by two oak trees who are

invited themselves into the room.

cabanes dans les arbres



A particular universe, perched above a pond, a large platform hanging on a grove welcomes two

shack in privacy.

A stay in the leaves of oak and hornbeam, between 4m and 5m and a vertiginous staircase for


Our hut surround literally the trees, inviting the trunks on the terraces and in the cockpit.

A pond at plumb of the shacks reflects the beauty of the site, the nature and the sky.

Birds and squirrels benefit, wild ducks nest in season, owls often give a concert at night


Your only challenge in this place:

Switches between a part of fishing, a relaxing by the pool, take a nap in a hammock ... or in few

minutes, go for a stroll in the pedestrian streets of Bordeaux.


DISCOVER the “carbets "





A dream simply.

The "hut of owls" offers to spend magical moments in a fabulous log cabin for 2 people and a child.

For a stay unusual, about 5 m high, fully furnished in a cozy and comfortable place.

You have a complete installation:

- A bathroom with shower,

- Toillettes,

- A kitchen

- Heating for the winter.

- fridge

- TV

- Wifi being installed

- Heating

at your disposal a private terrace with table and chairs but also a plancha.

e, table and chairs and a plancha.






The carbet of the tawny

A warm and friendly to share with family or friends place.

The "hut of Owls" offers to carry you towards Guyana, in a hut with full charm, sleeps 4 hammocks

and a bed waiting for you, nestled between trees, for a "tropical" design, about 5 m high.

You have:

- A bathroom with shower


- toilet

- fridge

- TV

- Heating

- Wifi being installed


at your disposal a private terrace with a loung

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